The Educational Services Agency


Providing HR, Admin, Bookkeeping Support & much, much more….











We are great to do business with because we are Entrepreneurs too!

We have a proven track record! 

No judgement here! 

We know what you’re going through and in many cases have been where you’re at! 



If we don’t know an answer, we know  where to get the answer from! 

Our longstanding business relationships with vetted Professionals and other Small Businesses (CPAs, Lawyers, Subject Matter Experts, etc…) allows us to support all of your business needs, within your budget!

Our Expertise stems from our many years of 

service in The Military -USAF

Professional Performance

Entrepreneurial Experience

Professional Degrees in related fields 

& much, much more…




 all which allows us to provide 

easily integrated, budget friendly, technology based  support like our 

HR, Admin, Bookkeeping, and much, much more for your company.

We have 25+ years of experience

Tyra Causey

Tyra has always stood out because of her kindness, dedication, empathy, strong desire to succeed and help desire others reach their goals. She is truly invested in the success of others!

“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.” – Wayne Dyer

Tyra is an  Advocate/ Teacher/Trainer/CareTaker/Volunteer/Supporter, and much, much more…. 

Tyra’s military service, in the Air Force, helped her to develop her natural skills and abilities. While the fitness requirements, organization, rigorous schedule and sacrifice is why many people don’t serve, Tyra felt serving her country was the most natural choice for her personality!

After her retirement, in 2010, Tyra’s sense of purpose was tested. Her new normal was finding ways to  answer her calling outside of the opportunities the USAF afforded. One way, she discovered, was through volunteerism. It seemed to be the most obvious choice for her to do what comes naturally, care for her family & accept her new physical limitations as a Service-Disabled Veteran.

During her time as a community volunteer Tyra noticed that many business and organizational leaders had little to no time to support their administrative back office. When they were able to make the time, it was usually came at the expense of sleep, personal or family time, costly mistakes or it hindered their ability to scale

With a renewed sense of purpose Tyra started Amelioration. Amelioration is the solution to the back office support problem! In addition to providing easily integrated, budget friendly, technologically based HR & Administrative Support Amelioration now offers 


Curriculum Development, 

Grant Writing, 

Website Design/Building, 

she’s expanded Amelioration’s Professional Services Network (Lawyers, CPAs, Subject Matter Experts, etc.), 

and much, much more….

1994 – 2010 USAF Retired Master Sergeant

2014 SIU, Bachelor’s in Workforce Development & Education

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The Educational Services Agency


Providing HR, Admin, Bookkeeping Support & much, much more….

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